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  • Xclaim 5ft Tabletop Fabric Popup Display Kit 03
  • XCLM-2X2-K3

Xclaim 5ft Tabletop Fabric Popup Display Kit 03

$ 492

Booth Number: XCLM-2X2-K3


Xclaim 5ft wide (2 Quad x 2 Quad) Kit 03 is a versatile stretch fabric popup display. Add dimension to your event or tradeshow with unique, exciting graphic styles. Xclaim 5ft wide (2 Quad x 2 Quad) Kit 03 is easy to setup, lightweight and portable. The collapsible popup frame is fully magnetic (with magnetic linking connectors), making it simple to assemble and disassemble. Stretch fabric graphics come pre-attached to the frame, making assembly easy and fast. Graphics adhere to the hubs using push-fit attachment technology. Xclaim 5ft wide (2 Quad x 2 Quad) Kit 03 comes with graphics, frame and drawstring carry bag.

Detailed Description

- 5ft wide tabletop fabric popup display system
- Collapsible frame uses magnetic locking arms to remain standing
- Pre-attached stretch fabric graphics make setup fast & easy
- Push-fit graphic connection technology
- Comes in a drawstring carry bag
- Optional lighting solution LUM-200 or LUM-LED-200 available
- OCX shipping case available as optional upgrade
- Lifetime limited hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

More Information

Brand Name: XClaim
Booth Number: XCLM-2X2-K3
Product Type: Xclaim Fabric Popup Displays
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 35"L x 11"H x 8"D
Assembled Dimensions: 59.11"W x 59.42"H x 12.8"D
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty
Graphic Warranty: Graphics1YearWarranty
Price: $492
Features: Brand New Product Includes case or bag Can be Recycled

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