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Here are the most recent used exhibits added to our site.

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  1. 10 X 20 Nimlock

    10 x 20 Nimlock

    Booth Number: 1730
    Price: $6,000
    This is a Nimlock lighted trade show display with a back drop setup and 3 kiosks that have storage space inside. Designed to accommodate both a 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 booth
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  2. Corner Booth

    10 X 30 Steelhead Custom Booth

    Booth Number: 1727
    Price: $10,000
    Nice looking modern booth built by Steelhead Productions in 2013. Only used once. Motivated seller this may not last send in your offers today.
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  3. 20 X 20 Custom Trade Show

    20 X 20 Media Vision

    Booth Number: 1729
    Price: $16,000
    The custom exhibit was created in 2016. Custom wood construction with theater, meeting area and large demo table. This exhibit will work well in a 20 x 30 space and a 30
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  4. 20x25 convertible trade show booth

    20x25 Convertible Freestyle Room

    Booth Number: 1726
    Price: $6,000
    20x25 room style exhibit. This was only used once and is in excellent shape. Comes in two crates, chairs and tables are not included.
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  5. 20x30 Double Decker

    20x30 Searle Double Decker

    Booth Number: 1725
    Price: $25,000
    This exhibit was built by Searle Exhibit Technologies in 2012 and only used 6 times. It cost over $50,000 when new and is in very good condition. Grey in color this exhib
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  6. 30 X 40 Trade Show

    30 X 40 Cogswell Design

    Booth Number: 1724
    Price: $12,000
    This booth cost over $400,000 when new. In total it was only used 3 times and is in excellent condition. This is perfect for a small to mid-sized company looking to make
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  7. 30x40 Exhibit 105

    30' x 40' custom exhibit with 2 conference rooms Exhibit # 105

    Booth Number: 105
    Price: $15,000
    Originally created for glasses/lens displays, this exhibit is of standard box frame construction. Featuring two private conference rooms with a custom ground supported b
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  8. bio

    Biochemical 20 X 30

    Booth Number: 1712
    Price: $15,000
    This booth was created in 2010 and used 7 times. The original cost was $48,000. It was designed for a 20x30 layout, but can be customized smaller/larger depending on the
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  9. Video wall

    CineMassive LED Video Wall Exhibit #181

    Booth Number: 181
    Price: $14,000
    This is an LED Video Wall from CineMassive. It will make the perfect addition to your trade show booth, whether it's a 10 x 10 or a 50 x 50. This LED Video Wall can also
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  10. Custom 20 x20 Exhibit

    Custom 20 x20 Exhibit

    Booth Number: 145
    Custom exhibit built in 2015 (structure is 10x20 x 8ft tall). Booth has been used only once. Booth facade features custom in-wall product displays with LED lighting. Side
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  11. Custom 20x20 Exhibit

    Custom 20x20 Exhibit

    Booth Number: 142
    Custom 20’x 20’ retail sales environment with open access from front and back sides. Of wood frame construction with HPL covering the exhibit features a custom bar
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  12. Custom 20x20 Retail Exhibit

    Custom 20x20 Retail Exhibit

    Booth Number: 188
    Price: $15,000
    Custom built retail sales exhibit featuring four corner glass display cases with rotating shelving units. Each provides display area for cell phone sized product line.
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  13. dia plate booth

    Delta Shiny Aluminum 10 X 20

    Booth Number: 1728
    Price: $4,500
    Unique custom polished diamond plate exhibit. Can be assembled either as a 10' x 10' booth or as a 20' x 10' booth. Easy to rebrand.
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  14. Katalyst 20 x 20 Exhibit # 130

    Katalyst 20 x 20 Exhibit # 130

    Booth Number: 130
    Price: $5,999
    Custom island or 40' inline with backwall lightboxes and interchangeable headers. Includes two display counters with backwall storage.
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