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Green Cage

  • Green Cage

Southwest Green Cage

Item Number: SWD-C-103

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Starting at: $32,500

Quick Overview

The Green Cage does not have to be green; we can build this in any color. This exhibit features bold brand-able signage up top and an open concept meeting area.


This is a concept for a custom exhibit designed by Southwest Displays and Events. This exhibit can be built with a choice of materials and colors.

If you’re interested in a custom exhibit like this call us and let us show you how inexpensive custom design can be!

About Pre-Designed Custom Booths

Pre-designed booths are the perfect solution for many companies. Because the booths themselves come in standard sizes, the cost is much lower than a totally custom design. But it is still a brand new booth and can be so configurable that when you add your graphics and personal touches it is as unique looking as a custom design. The problem with most companies who offer pre-designed booths is the quality of the design Pre-designed booths can be so standardized and vanilla looking that although they may give your company a presence at the trade show, they will do little to set your company apart. Blending in is not the goal for a trade show exhibitor; you are looking to stand out and make a positive impression!

One of the leading custom trade show manufacturers, Southwest Displays and Events presents an original approach to the pre-designed marketplace. Southwest Displays and Events created a line true custom, never used before designs, and offers them as pre-designed exhibits at a drastic price reduction from normal custom design. Basically, Southwest Display and Events offers what is comparable to a speculation home in the real estate market; a fully custom high quality home without a specific buyer. Other company’s pre-designed exhibits are more comparable to kit homes or modular homes. In the real estate market the difference between the two is the quality of the build, in the pre-designed exhibit market the same difference applies.

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