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  • Round Table Throw Graphic - 48"W x 30"H Draped
  • RND-TBL-T-48X30

Round Table Throw Graphic - 48W x 30H Draped

$ 269

Booth Number: RND-TBL-T-48X30


Complete any event or trade show presentation with a high draped, fitted or stretch, dye-sublimated printed round table throw. Round table throws are tailored to fit 30", 48" and 60" diameter round tables, providing a stylish, customized and branded appearance for use at events, trade shows and in retail environments. Table throws are printed on washable polyester using dye-sublimation.

Detailed Description

- Tailored to fit round tables 30", 48" and 60" in diameter
- Custom, full color graphics printed on premium dye-sublimated display polyester fabric
- Draped style lends a stylish and polished look to any event
- Optional carry bag available
- Made in the USA
- Six month graphic limited warranty

Front visual area:
30" x 30" Draped: Front: 16"W x 24"H
30" x 30" Fitted: Top: 26"W x 26"H, Front: 16"W x 26"H
30" x 30" Stretch: Top: 26"W x 26"H, Front: 9"W x 20"H (Qty 4)
30" x 42" Draped: Front: 16"W x 36"H
30" x 42" Fitted: Top: 26"W x 26"H, Front: 16"W x 36"H
30" x 42" Stretch: Top: 26"W x 26"H, Front: 9"W x 20"H (Qty 4)
48" x 30" Draped: Front: 20"W x 24"H
48" x 30" Fitted: Top: 44"W x 44"H, Front: 20"W x 26"H
60" x 30" Draped: Front: 30"W x 24"H
60" x 30" Fitted: Top: 56"W x 56"H, Front: 30"W x 26"H

More Information

Brand Name: Orbital Express
Booth Number: RND-TBL-T-48X30
Product Type: Round Table Throws
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Dimensions:
Assembled Dimensions: Varies per size & style; see description
Graphic Warranty: Graphics6MonthWarranty
Price: $269
Features: Brand New Product Made In Usa

Random Customer Review


"Lucky Exhibits was great to work with. Not only did they build us some great additions for our booth, but they also made the logistics side of it—from the freight to the booth set up—extremely painless. Tami and everyone there definitely went the extra mile for us!!!"

Jason Norman
Director of Marketing, Serfas