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Pre-designed booths are the perfect solution for many companies. Because the booths themselves come in standard sizes, the cost is much lower than a totally custom design.

These high quality pre-designed exhibits were created by Southwest Displays and Events an award winning trade show manufacturer. We are the exclusive online distributor of these exhibits. These exhibits were designed to be easy to brand and highly configurable. If you are interested in any of these pre-designed trade show exhibits call us at 702-382-6684

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  1. Big Shot 10 X 20

    Big Shot 10 X 20

    Booth Number: SWD101
    This was designed for a custom booth space that allows for 16 feet tall back walls. Technology heavy, this exhibit has 3 demo areas and a product information LCD display.
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  2. core 20 x 20

    Core 20 x 20

    Booth Number: SWD102
    The Core 20x20 exhibit features a central core with large overhead branding spaces and a massive back wall for additional branding. Casual cafe style seating offers meeti
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  3. em 20 x 20

    EM 20 x 20

    Booth Number: SWD103
    The Em 20x20 has huge vertical framed graphic areas to support impact messaging. The towering back wall provides additional impact as does the overhead signage. Casual se
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  4. pre-designed custom

    Emergence 20 x 20

    Booth Number: SWD104
    Three massive columns emerging from the ground accentuate this stunning exhibit. Extreme vertical surfaces offer great branding surfaces both inside and out. Product demo
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  5. Little Shot

    Little Shot 10 x 20

    Booth Number: SWD105
    Big Shot's little brother at least in height. Sleek lines and lots of messaging surfaces make this exhibit great for technology driven companies. Three workstations and t
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  6. Mpress 20 X 30

    Mpress 20 x 30

    Booth Number: SWD106
    The Mpress 20x30 features a large product demo area and individual workstations for personalized demos. Open design with inviting corner graphic areas and overhead struct
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  7. Big Circle

    Southwest Big Circle Sky

    Booth Number: SWD-C-106
    This is a unique looking exhibit that will really stand out on the floor. Lots of brandable surfaces including a large overhead circle sign.
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  8. blue sky

    Southwest Blue Circle Sky

    Booth Number: SWD-C-101
    This one features an attention getting overhead sign. We call this one Southwest Blue Circle Sky. If you are looking for an exhibit that can be seen all over the floor t
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  9. Contact Cafe

    Southwest Contact Café

    Booth Number: SWD-C-100
    This one is big, bold and a guaranteed attention getter. We call this one Contact Café since the exhibit is designed to promote and support a central meeting area for p
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  10. Green Cage

    Southwest Green Cage

    Booth Number: SWD-C-103
    The Green Cage does not have to be green; we can build this in any color. This exhibit features bold brand-able signage up top and an open concept meeting area.
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  11. Marble Palace

    Southwest Marble Palace

    Booth Number: SWD-C-104
    Faux marble up top gives this exhibit the look of a permanent structure. Lots of cool nicks and crannies offer plenty of space to meet potential customers. Bold unique de
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  12. Southwest Shape Shifter

    Southwest Shape Shifter

    Booth Number: SWD-C-102
    The Shape Shifter uses unique architectural shapes to give the exhibit a unique modern look. Overhead signage will make you easy to find no matter how crowded the event.
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  13. Tower Time

    Southwest Tower Time

    Booth Number: SWD-C-105
    Towers connected by a large brand-able sign area. Easy to see from all over the floor with a great meeting area. Stand up and stand out!
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  14. Suspense 20 x 20

    Suspense 20 x 20

    Booth Number: SWD107
    An abundance of suspended overhead surfaces create a great environment without the clutter of ground supports in the exhibit space. Lots of branding and messaging areas o
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  15. Sweep

    Sweep 20 x 40

    Booth Number: SWD108
    Designed specifically for food shows, this 20x40 exhibit features an expansive food prep area along with a generous curved serving area. Sweeping overhead graphics ensure
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  16. Swoop

    Swoop 20 x 40

    Booth Number: SWD109
    Huge swooping double-sided surfaces provide great branding opportunities in this 20x40 exhibit. Spacious open meeting area and open central area create a very inviting at
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  17. Waterfall 20 x 20

    Waterfall 20 x 20

    Booth Number: SWD110
    Large waterfall canopy adds drama and impact to this custom 20x20 exhibit. The product displays below are lit with museum quality lighting. The effect is simple and elega
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  18. Wishbone

    Wishbone 20 x 55

    Booth Number: SWD111
    This 20x55 exhibit features a huge 40 foot long wall facing an aisle that will stop people in their tracks. This booth is great for product or service introduction or whe
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  19. Wishbone 2

    Wishbone II 25 x 35

    Booth Number: SWD112
    This 25x35 exhibit, a spin-off of Wishbone, also features a huge 30 foot long wall facing an aisle that will stop people in their tracks. This booth is great for product
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  20. ZigZag 20 X 20

    Zig 20 X 20

    Booth Number: SWD113
    This one is big, bold and a guaranteed attention getter. This custom exhibit features expansive branding capabilities with large overhead surfaces accented by a bold colo
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