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Formulate Chip-Shaped Wall 02 Tension Fabric Structure

  • Formulate Chip-Shaped Wall 02 Tension Fabric Structure

Chip-Shaped Wall 02 Rental

Rental # R-CWALL-02

The Formulate® Chip Wall 02 is a curved conference room divider that stands 6ft 4in tall and is 9ft 5in wide.

Pairing a lightweight aluminum tube frame and pillowcase fabric graphic, it is an ideal structure to create a semi-private conference or meeting area, or projection wall within a space.

Download Graphic Template

Rental Description

Lucky Exhibits makes renting a trade show booth simple and problem-free. We can provide a full range of services or you can use our bare-bone do it yourself solution.

Solution 1: Bare-bone

Download the graphic template and have your designer create the graphic we will print it for you and ship it with your exhibit to whatever location you need. Once the show is over dismantle the exhibit and we provide a way for you to ship it back to us.

Solution 2: Rental and Services 

We can offer a full range of services a la carte or complete full on trade show management. With our management package all you need to do is show up. We will setup your exhibit at your event and remove it when the show is over.

No matter what you needs we will work with you and develop a cost effective plan that works for you. If you ready to rent this display or want to learn more call 702-826-3845

More Information

Brand Name: Formulate
Rental Number: R-CWALL-02
Product Type: Conference Walls
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Dimensions: Ships in 1 case:1 x OCE (19"W x 40" - 66"H x 18"D)
Assembled Dimensions: 9.5'W x 6.3'H

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