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CineMassive LED Video Wall Exhibit #181

Item Number: 181

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$ 14,000

Quick Overview

This is an LED Video Wall from CineMassive. It will make the perfect addition to your trade show booth, whether it's a 10 x 10 or a 50 x 50. This LED Video Wall can also fit wonderfully in a lobby of an office displaying videos, presentations, images and more!



This is LED Video Wall, features 4 TV Screens that are 46" each. Included with the Video Screens are the structural frame pieces, the software, battery pack and CineMassive Bravo Ultra-HD Content Rendering Engine (computer and software to display video or presentations).

In addition to the Video Wall itself, there are custom cases for them that will be included. These aluminum crates specific for this Video Wall to safely hold all of the parts. (images available). They are on wheels and have fork lift holes so it’s easy to move in & out of a trade show hall.

Booth Current Location

Middleton, PA

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