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MultiQuad Kit 1130

  • MultiQuad Kit 1130

MultiQuad Kit 1130

$ 6,864

Booth Number: MQ-K1130


Price includes graphics.

Detailed Description

MultiQuad Kit 1130 is a 10 X 10 modular exhibit system. MultiQuad® is a portable display composed of interchangeable frames and Quads®, giving you the freedom to change messages and images quickly to respond to market demand. Each Quad® easily attaches to the frame with magnets so a change can even be made during a show since no tools are required. Quads are precision CNC cut square panels with magnets on the back that attach to the MultiQuad frames to create the finished MultiQuad product. While frames provide the structure, Quads give the finished look. Quads have built-in black reveals on the edges to give a modern look and minimize the gaps and seams due to uneven trade show floors.


(2)     MQ-F24 2×4 Standard Frame

(1)     MQX-F14 1×4 MAX Frame

(2)     MQ-F11C: 1 x 1 Standard Counter with Top

(3)     MQX-SC1: One Quad 1×4 MAX Product Showcase Kit

(24)   MQ-Q2323: 23’ x 23″ Quad with Reveals

(9)     MQ-Q1223: 12” x 23″ Side Quad with Reveals

(4)     SC50 Wheeled Flat Shipping Case

More Information

Brand Name: Expo Displays
Booth Number: MQ-K1130
Product Type: Modular Displays
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
Assembled Dimensions:
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty
Price: $6,864
Features: Brand New Product Includes case or bag

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With the help of Lucky Exhibits the sale of our trade booth was an easy, painless process.  With the exchange of all the proper information David Lucky made the transaction nearly effortless, and it was all done on-line. I highly recommend Lucky Exhibits without any reservations. 

Jon Tanner, Sales Mgr.
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