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DiamondFlex 400

  • DiamondFlex 400

DiamondFlex 400 Retractable Banner Stand

$ 418

Booth Number: DF400


The DiamondFlex 400 is a premium, retractable graphic display stand that create a beautiful presentation in less than 30 seconds. 

Spring made from German steel to eliminate rust and provide lasting strength. Graphics retract into the base, protecting it from rough travels. 2mm thick wall for strength and durability. Special micro hook & loop is ultra-thin so banners retract smoothly.

Any DiamondFlex™ banner stand is easily transitioned into a table top display in one fluid motion. Support pole breaks down for packing but remains connected with a multi-stranded bungee cord. The inside of the pole is debarred for a smooth interior to prevent tears to the cord. A footprint of 300 square inches and four points of contact with the floor, DiamondFlex™ has superior stability because the base is wider than the average in the industry. Keep graphics safe and in place with retractable base stands that store the graphics when not in use. Pull out for quick setup. Aluminum extruded at 400 degrees as a strong yet elegant shape. 10 micron acid anodized finish for hardness and durability.

Detailed Description

The DiamondFlex 400 is the most popular banner stand in the DiamondFlex series. DiamondFlex™ is a line of premium, retractable graphic display stands that create a beautiful presentation in less than 30 seconds. It can be used on its own or combined with larger exhibits for added impact. The DiamondFlex ™ banner stands have an elegant look and come with a lifetime warranty. This kit includes
(1) DF400 Single Banner Stand
(1) GRA-DFR3385-AC Anti-Curl Banner*
(1) SC34 Carrying BagSC40_2

*Includes graphics printed to your specifications.

More Information

Brand Name: Expo Displays
Booth Number: DF400
Product Type: Banner Stands Retractable
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
Assembled Dimensions:
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty
Price: $418
Features: Brand New Product Includes case or bag Can be Recycled

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