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30 Day Auction


Quick Overview

This is the fastest way to sell your used exhibit. Our 30 days auctions are seen by 100’s of people who are in the market for a used exhibit. An auction costs $200 if your exhibit does not sell in the first 30 days we will wait a week and re-rerun your auction at no cost. No consignment fees will be charged for exhibits sold by auction for booths not in our database, reduced consignment fees for those already listed with us.

Once you purchase an auction you will be contacted by phone or email by our Auction Director who will get make arrangements to setup and schedule your auction. In most case you will need to fill out this form. We will also need at least one good image of your exhibit. Your auction will run for 30 days.

If you exhibit does not run we will rerun your exhibit for another 30 days at no cost. We make no guarantee that your exhibit will sell, but we will work with you to give you the best shot at selling your exhibit.