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Specializing in print related media and collateral

A good first impression is imperative.   You only have a few seconds to attract your audience.  Do you have what it takes to get your company noticed?  Are your current graphics up to par? Our mission is to bring imagination to the table and create innovative concepts that highlight essential features, while advertising your company.  Our team of creative graphic-design artists can turn your display into something nearly impossible to miss, an exhibit that attracts the attention you desire; by elevating your company’s image to a professional and competitive level.  Yes we are in Las Vegas, but don’t gamble on this one!  Be certain that your designs will be up to par with the competition. 


 Graphics Pricing, Services & Processes


Flexible Graphics

Price per Square foot Print Only Laminated Graphics Backlit Graphics Self Adhesive Printed Vinyl Color Banners Dye - Sub
1-15 sq. ft. call for price
16 + sq. ft. call for price

Bursitis Causes

The main bursitis causes can be broken into two major areas: chronic bursitis, which is caused by overuse or repetition, and acute bursitis, which is caused by traumatic injury. In the first instance, any prolonged, repetitive movement of a joint will place strain on the bursa, which over time can cause inflammation and tenderness and result in bursitis. For example, prolonged hammering or vacuuming can place strain on the bursae in the elbow and wrist, and result in bursitis. The other major cause of bursitis is traumatic injury, which can include an impact or twisting injury to one of the joints. Car crashes and falls commonly result in damage to the bursae.

* pricing includes your choice of Velcro, magnets, or grommets


Printed Vinyl Graphics Mounted to Rigid Substrate

Price per Square foot 1/8" White Sintra 1/4" White Sintra 1/8" Clear Plexiglass 1/4" Clear Plexiglass 3/16" Foam Board 1/2" Foam Board
call for price
1-15 sq. ft.
16 + sq. ft.


Fabric Printing & Hanging Signs

Printing directly to fabric, including choice of fabric color.     Priced per square foot


Laminated Pop-up Murals (Most brands) w/Magnets & Trim Strips

  Concave Convex Flat End
Full Height
Table Top


Banner Stand Graphics (Most brands and Replacements)

  Under 35" Wide 36" - 48" Wide
Anti Curl


Lamination of supplied Graphics

Square foot Lamination Only per sq. ft.
3.1 - 12
12.1 - 16
16.1 - 20
20.1 - 32


Graphics pricing is based on ready to print artwork.

Pricing based on square feet rounded to the next whole number (eg. 15.1 sq. ft. = 16 sq. ft.)

To convert square inches to square feet, divide square inches by 144 (e.g. 24" x 36" = 864 sq. in. ÷ 144 =  6 sq. ft.


3D Letters & Logos, CNC Contour Cut Graphics - Send picture of what is needed & Call for Pricing

Graphics Design Services Priced by the hour. Call for Pricing

Mounting or applying graphics to booth is billed by the hour shop time. Call for Pricing.

Production time:

Standard production time on grahics is (5) business days for the printing of the graphics, after the proof has been approved.  Please allow extra time for design and application.  Graphics jobs that give us less than (5) business days to print will be subject to rush fees. Rush jobs can incur rush fees  up to 200%.  The time frame starts only once the final proof has been approved by the client, via email.

Color Matching:

For accurate color matching please indicate spot colors with PMS numbers, and submit a printed color proof for matching purposes.

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