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Edge to Edge Twin

  • Edge to Edge Twin

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Brand New Product

Edge to Edge Twin

$ 287

Booth Number: MAG-E2E-100


- 100 feet per roll
- One sided adhesive magnetic tape

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Detailed Description

Magnetically connect your banner stands to form a mural wall with a 100' roll of pro grade, one-sided adhesive magnetic tape.

- 100 feet per roll
- One sided adhesive magnetic tape

More Information

Brand Name: Orbital Express
Booth Number: MAG-E2E-100
Product Type: Accessories
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Dimensions:
Assembled Dimensions:
Price: $287

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My company Creative Displays has been using Lucky Exhibits for over 5 years all with great results. We are a custom exhibit house and occasionally our clients want to sell their exhibit or need to source a used exhibit. Lucky Exhibits is our go to partner for acquiring high quality used exhibits and two story deck structures, when you are in a pinch or on a tight budget Lucky is a great resource for stretching the dollar and hitting your deadline.

Abe Geary
President, Creative Displays