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30 X 40 Trade Show

  • 30 X 40 Trade Show

30 X 40 Cogswell Design

Item Number: 1724

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$ 12,000

Quick Overview

This booth cost over $400,000 when new. In total it was only used 3 times and is in excellent condition. This is perfect for a small to mid-sized company looking to make a $400,000 impression at a fraction of the price. FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES



This booth was built in 2011 and has only been put on display 3 times.  There are two different floorplans and both are included.  The first has the round deck which is divided into 4 sections and the 2nd floorplan has the large flat display area to show a car or some other large item.  This booth stands out due to its size, shape and bright white color.  The second floorplan also has the panels necessary to include a built-in photo booth area.
All of the panels are virtually brand new and all are crated.  The crates are also heat treated for international shipping

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Valencia, CA

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Booth Number: 1724

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Booth Number: 1724