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10' StratoSpace Orbit Kit D

  • 10' StratoSpace Orbit Kit D

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Brand New Product Includes case or bag

10 StratoSpace Orbit Kit D

$ 4,918

Booth Number: SSOG-KITD


The 10 StratoSpace Orbit Kit D has clean lines and minimal visible structure offer a high e Learn More

Detailed Description

Quality Backwall System

The 10 StratoSpace Orbit Kit D has clean lines and minimal visible structure offer a high end look that stands out on the trade show floor. Designed for maximum impact, graphics cover 95% of visible surface area.
(1)    10′ Backwall Frame
(3)    Laminated Backwall Graphics
(4)    Laminated Wing Graphics
(2)    LED Wall Washer Lights
(1)    Podium
(2)    Laminated Podium Graphic
(2)    Cases with Custom Foam Inserts

Frame built using an allen wrench-style tool.
Setup and assembly is a 1 person job
Straightforward assembly instructions
Rollable graphics simply applied with magnetic strips
Rigid side panel graphics attach using tension clamps
Graphics pack efficiently with frame
Designed for maximum impact, graphics cover 95% of visible surface area.
Graphics are crisp ink jet prints, laminated for protection.
Locking podiums are standard on all StratoSpace Orbit™ models.

More Information

Brand Name: Expo Displays
Booth Number: SSOG-KITD
Product Type: Backwall Systems
Shipping Weight: 89 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
Assembled Dimensions:
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty
Price: $4,918

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Random Customer Review


A few months ago, we purchased a large trade show booth from Lucky Exhibits and the first time out it was the hit of the show!  We loved working in it and our customers all commented on our “new look”!   It was a very successful trade show for us and we know the booth helped make a difference.

Norma L. Ball
Paper First Affiliates, LLC
Orlando, Florida